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The CD Release Celebration for my first CD, Between Heartache and Hope, was held on March 13th, 2015. It unfolded beyond my wildest dreams! The evening was filled with warmth, joy, humour, love, and fantastic music!! We had more than 150 people in attendance, and through their generosity, we raised $500 for the Calgary Counselling Centre. 

These funds will be used to help women get the support they need to make their transition from heartache to hope. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to this - please know you have made a difference in someone’s journey.


Speaking of journeys, I was deeply touched that so many people came out to help me celebrate mine. I am so grateful to all the incredibly talented musicians I had the privilege to play with that evening, and to my friends who helped the night run so smoothly by keeping everything on track and making sure people were greeted, hydrated and fed :-)  The Lantern Church is a fabulous venue to play in. The team there were wonderful to deal with, making sure everything was in place for us from start to finish.


The date for the CD Release Celebration was chosen to coincide with a milestone birthday celebration for my Mom. My Mom was a musician and performed on radio and tv before I was born. We got a chance to sing together and let me tell you, she’s still got it! She rocked the house and got a standing ovation. What a thrill it was to have a family reunion and have all of us on stage together for the final song of the night - Will The Circle Be Unbroken. Check out the video, especially the a cappella chorus at the end - everyone did a fantastic job on this!


I have found music to be so powerful and healing. I never could have imagined that writing lyrics and music to help process emotions would ever lead to something like this. I’m so grateful for all the support and encouragement so freely given to me by my family and friends. And for the constant presence of music and love in my life. Here’s to continuing with the joy of playing and singing for countless years to come!


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