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Dianne Quinton is a singer/songwriter who has performed individually and with others for as long as she can remember. Dianne hails from St. John’s, Newfoundland, and has been influenced from both the traditions of the Eastern Seaboard and her own love of country music. Blessed with a voice equally comfortable with the low, slow burn of a sassy blues and the sweetness of pure folk harmony, Dianne plays rhythm guitar, banjo and piano. She’s recently picked up a few chords on the mandolin and also plays a little bit of bass.


Whether she’s performing on her own or in collaboration with others, Dianne enjoys playing songs from a variety of genres including country, folk, gospel and traditional music. An experienced vocalist, she has sung both soprano and alto as a member of a choir and an a cappella carolling quartet, and is a soloist for services, weddings and funerals.


Dianne lives in Calgary, Alberta and is the owner of The Optimal You, a coaching and facilitation business. She plays regularly with Horizon Ridge and The Still Waters, and also does guest performances with other local artists. 

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